Size, Fit & Lens Removal


How to make your Ibeams a perfect fit.

To adjust your Ibeams Sunglasses for a perfect, comfortable fit; first identify your Ibeams sunglass frame type. Ibeams manufactures two mechanical types of frame, a Rigid Frame and a Reverse Spring Hinge Frame.

Five Barrel Hinge

Five Barrel Hinge

The Five Barrel Hinge Rigid Frame will have a total of 16 rivits and will look like those in the picture on the left.







Reverse Spring Hinge

Reverse Spring Hinge

The Reverse Spring Hinge Frame will have no rivets but will have a screw at each end and will look like the picture on the left.






Lens Shape and Frame Designation

Lens Shape and Frame Designation

You can also look on the inside of the sunglass temple and find the Lens shape designation. This designation is used to identify your sunglass lens shape for lens purchases as well as identifies the frame type. (See Inset)

Changable frames will have a designation of A, B, C, R, X, Y

Reverse Spring Hinge Frames will have a designation of FB, FU, P,

Fixed Frames will have a designation of H, I

Once you identify your frame type, follow the directions below for the frame you own.






Step One:

1. Check the fit

Put the frame on making sure it is as far back on your face as it goes on comfortably. Look above your nose and along your eyebrows; the frame should have the same contour.  If it doesn’t fit it needs adjusted. You are looking for a close fit keeping out the light yet comfortable. If the contour is not the same as your forehead it is not a perfect fit and will allow too much back light, forced air, debris and sunlight in.

2. Reshape the Curve:                                                                                

To reshape the curve, face the temples (arms) away from you.  Holding one side of the frame in each hand, place both thumbs in the center of the bridge.  Apply pressure evenly with both hands to open or close the frame in opposite directions. Do this in small increments trying the frame on as you go. Repeat the process until the curve becomes the same curve as your forehead and fits comfortably.

Step Two:

2.  Adjust the Sunglass Temples:

After adjusting the sunglass curve the frame is too loose or tight, you must adjust the temples (arms) inward or outward. Inward tightens and outward loosens. Hold the temple plate in both hands placing the thumbs just beside the rubber tip located on the back of the temple and apply gradual pressure, either inwardly or outwardly, whichever is needed. Put your thumb inside the temple wrapping your other two or three fingers over and around the remaining part of the temple push with the thumb and pull inward with you fingers in the opposite direction.  Repeat this until you have your comfort zone. You can use this step to tighten or loosen the pressure behind the ear.  This process will move the Temples in or out without adjusting the front part of the frame.

Step three:

Removable Nose Bridge:

Some Ridged Frames, A, B, and C, have an snap in removable nose bridge. With your order Ibeams offers a bridge for a narrow nose. If you have a narrow nose as part of your facial features you should change out the nose bridge. Remove the standard bridge by squeezing the nose bridge together and pull down.  Take the other bridge and push up until it snaps into the clips or metal knockers. You are now finished and your glasses should fit like a glove. Ridged and reverse spring Frames, X,Y, R, FU, FB, P, I, H, have a wire bridge.  It can be moved by simply reshaping it to your nose, close together will make the frame go up and out opening the wire will allow the frame to drop down and closer.

Two Point Adjustment close FRAME: