Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

From the date of your purchase without a receipt, IBEAMS offers you an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty on your aluminum eyewear frames. IBEAMS warranty covers all breakage and workmanship. IBEAMS will repair or replace any defective style. Lenses are not covered by this warranty.

In the unlikely event you will need to make a warranty claim please follow the warranty claim process as outlined.

Warranty Claim

  • In order for a lifetime warranty to be in effect, the Ibeams frame must have only original parts. If any parts are lost, there will be an small charge to replace it.
  • Altering or attempting to repair the ibeams frame by anyone other than our service shop will void the warranty. Return your eyewear to us immediately if your frame develops problems of any manner.
  • ibeams Repair instructions:
  • Package the glasses securely with plenty of packing material and a strong shipping box to (Opti-Vision, PO Box 673, REIGELSVILLE,  PA  18077)
      • Include a return shipping label that has your name and shipping address on it to ship the glasses back to you
      • Include a Money Order made out to Opti-Vision for $12 to cover return shipping. On the Memo line of the Money Order, write “Repair”
      • Include a letter briefly explaining the problem with the eyewear, and your name, address, phone number, and email address.
      • If you have an ibeams eyewear that has Interchangeable lenses and your lenses are in good condition, remove the lenses from the frame and return the frame without the lenses. If you need to purchase new lenses, include the extra amount of money in the money order. Standard non-mirror lenses are $25. Standard mirror lenses are $35. Polarized $55, Trans Day/Night $55, and HD lenses are $55 and Polarized  $75.
      • If you have an ibeams eyewear with non-interchangeable lenses or Fixed lens, please do not attempt to remove the lenses before returning the eyewear. If the lenses came out of the frame somehow, wrap the lenses up so they do not get scratched, and send the lenses back with the frame. If you need to purchase new lenses, include the extra amount of money in the money order. Standard non-mirror lenses are $25. Standard ,mirror lenses are $35. Polarized $75, Eclipus $55, and HD lenses are $55.
      • All eyewear must be shipped to us via the United States Postal Service with Delivery Confirmation.
  • Maintenance to your eyewear to maintain long life
    • The Customer should wash the hinges with soap and water with a tooth brush to remove the salt deposited from perspiration and maritime use.
    • The customer should oil the hinges with Olive Oil once per month. Apply the Olive oil with a cotton swab.
    • The customer should retighten, if necessary, all hinge and nose bridgescrews .
  • ibeams Scratches and lens coatings are not warranted.
    • ibeams eyewear lenses that you feel have a manufacturer’s defect may be returned to the ibeams service shop following the eyewear frame return instructions above. If your ibeams eyewear has interchangable lenses, send just the lenses. If your ibeams eyewear frame has non-interchangeable lenses, do not attempt to remove the lenses and return the entire eyewear with lenses to the ibeams service center. Be sure to include the Money Order for $12 for return shipping address as mentioned above. If we determine that the lenses do not have a manufacturer’s defect, your lenses will be automatically returned to you.
    • Tune up kit available soon.